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COVID-19 Update
As an essential medical service, Southern Neurology remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic. We keep up to date with the latest health orders as per NSW Health guidelines.

At Southern Neurology, your health is our priority and we are taking additional precautions over and above our usual meticulous hygiene and cleanliness.

This means that we are:
  • Instituting distancing measures between patients in the waiting area
  • Frequent disinfecting of hard surfaces such as door handles, seats, workspaces and other shared surfaces
  • Frequent disinfecting of testing equipment and machinery
  • Providing access to hand sanitisers
  • Frequent handwashing and sanitising by medical staff and technicians between patients
  • Removal of shared items such as magazines from waiting areas
  • Identifying and appropriately managing high risk patients upon arrival at reception


Given the concern over COVID-19, the Australian government has endorsed the use of telehealth consultations for patients. Southern Neurology is now offering this service which allows for consultations to be conducted either via video conferencing methods or by telephone. This can be done for both follow-up and new consultations for patients who are deemed suitable.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the appropriateness of conducting your consultation via telehealth.

We look forward to continuing to provide our referring doctors and their patients with a courteous and professional service through this difficult time.

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